Fluent in the Language of Learning

Creating a World of Opportunity

Mission and Strategy Alignment

At AVENU Learning, we believe quality education is globally available but not accessible due to barriers of location, price, language and cultural relevance. While technology breakthroughs have created new opportunities in higher education over the last 20 years, changes have focused mostly on delivery and price point.

By partnering strategically with universities and other educational providers to expand access to online programs — and supporting learners wherever they may be — we are forging a new learning model that advances opportunity worldwide.

AVENU - Learner
AVENU - Learner

Brand Extension and Expansion

Marketing promotion drives significant impressions and engagement through demand generation campaigns including strong presence with local education marketplaces.

AVENU’s Institutional Partners have seen significant lifts in branded search from target countries; in many cases by >1000% within 12 months.

Enrollment Growth

We are a single point of connection for education institutions looking to recruit learners from growth markets. Our student-focused approach results in enrollment growth from a new global audience segment.

AVENU - Learner
AVENU - Learner

Learner Satisfaction

Through surveys, interviews and other evaluation tools, learners provide valuable feedback that both enrich our offerings and validates our innovative approach.

● 91% of students rated their experience with instructor as excellent.
● 88% of students rated their experience in the course as excellent.

I had very dedicated teachers. They have strong knowledge and are very professional. I have learned so much.

Global Learner

It is very meaningful to learn more about my career and share learning with students from other parts of the world.

Global Learner