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"Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not"
-Leah Jonah

AVENU believes the opportunity for quality education can be available globally, today. AVENU delivers on this belief by reimagining bringing education to learners around the world; directly addressing challenges of language, relevancy, cost and location. AVENU offers innovative educational partnerships in growth markets through our managed virtual campus services with higher education institutions.

Global Expertise with Local Experience

AVENU Learning supports its University partner learners across India, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and more than 19 other countries. AVENU has relationships with experts in higher education such as Univo Education, Alumia Education and others across regions to deliver a truly globalized learner experience designed to increase access to higher education and support the personal and professional goals of our University Partners students.

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Corporate Team

Critical functions supporting our global operations

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Growth Team

Global expertise in scaling learners, program portfolios and education partners.

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Partner Teams

Expertise in delivering global learner experience excellence aligned with partner policies, procedures and expectations.

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Global Operations Team

Global expertise integrating teams, technology and strategy.

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Geo / Language Teams

Regional expertise in education systems, influencers, learner expectations and brands.

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Academics Teams

The cornerstone of AVENU, delivering educational excellence.

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of teaching faculty are women.
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of teaching faculty hold PhDs
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years of teaching experience [avg]
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years of professional experience [avg]