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The AVENU Story

While quality education may now be globally available, it's not always accessible. Barriers of location, price, language and cultural relevance can impede student learning. While technology breakthroughs have created new opportunities in higher education over the last 20 years, changes have focused mostly on delivery and price point. Yet, these innovations still require learners to study in the culture of an institution and its language of instruction. AVENU is creating global access to quality higher education in the learner's native language. By partnering strategically with universities and other educational providers, AVENU is expanding access to online programs, meeting learners where they are, forging a new learning model and creating opportunity worldwide. Founded as a joint venture between Southern New Hampshire University and the SEEK Group, AVENU supports global learners across a portfolio of partner programs including certificates, undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Universities seeking to expand their student base and reach new markets face an extraordinarily complex global marketplace with wide-ranging regulatory and delivery challenges.

AVENU Learning takes our partners into these markets safely and credibly. AVENU's services are holistic to ensure curriculum, program goals, academic quality and brand integrity are maintained across all aspects of program development and delivery.

AVENU - Learner

Global Growth Strategy

Defining Language, Geography and Program Portfolio

AVENU - Learner

Global Operations

Project Management, Program Globalization, Faculty Management, Student Acquisition & Retention

AVENU - Learner

Global Financials

Pricing Strategy, Tuition Management, Promotions, Payment Plans

Market Strategy & Program Planning

AVENU marketing and program planning teams leverage global best practices tailored to the needs, pricing and variations of each unique country within growth markets.

AVENU collaborates closely with our partners’ marketing and public relationship teams to develop specific marketing and enrollment campaigns to attract highly qualified students using a multi-channel approach. All AVENU marketing programs adhere to the University partner brand and marketing guidelines to ensure brand integrity, values alignment and measurable results. 

AVENU - Global
“The fact the program is completely online is very important — it allowed me to study while in any geographical area.”

- University learner
“I wanted to find an institution that offered a 100% virtual program, with flexible scheduling that I could fit into my day to day life. I also wanted it to be an Institution with a track record and accredited online programs, with which I could feel safe and guided throughout the process. Joyfully, I can say Saint Leo University meets all my requirements and more!"

- University learner

Curriculum Planning, Design, Translation and Localization

To ensure the quality and integrity of a partner’s curriculum, AVENU works through a rigorous planning, design, translation and localization process to both uphold a partner’s academic standards and provide students with an exceptional educational experience regardless of language and location.

Program and Course Design
AVENU builds in-country programs and courses based on a partner’s curriculum, rubrics, assessments, outcomes and course requirements. AVENU schedules work to accommodate operational plans and timelines, ensuring smooth, transparent operations aligned with a partner’s calendar.

While programs vary, elements include:
Outcomes and assessments: aligned precisely with a partner’s evaluation and assessment criteria.
Prerequisites and corequisites: AVENU creates a course carousel to optimize teaching blocks that honor pre- and co-requisites and provide flexible options for students.  
Course Materials: Most course materials transcend language and geographies. In cases of copyright, language or licensing issues, we will recommend comparable materials for approval.

Translation & Globalization
AVENU’s translation and globalization experts ensure all concepts and content are clear, accurate and culturally appropriate. When materials require translation, our teams follow curriculum precisely to ensure all content is clear and learning goals are preserved in the target language.

When globalization is required, we ensure language and cultural context are taken into account. AVENU's academic teams work closely with partners and in-country experts to create relevant, actionable materials. For instance, case studies in a business law course may need to include local examples relevant to the country of delivery
"It's a very rich experience to teach in an international environment interacting with students who share one language but who represent different cultures."

- Dr. Samantha Rullán, Professor of Law and Ethics, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Student Recruitment and Enrollment

AVENU recruitment and enrollment teams identify and assist prospective students through the entire enrollment journey, providing each student with personal support from inquiry to first class. AVENU's teams provide oversight, strategic direction and tactical execution of all marketing activities, including lead generation, student acquisition, brand management, creative and web development, lead nurturing, database management, PR and marketing technology.

"I was treated very well by the people who communicated with me at the beginning. The contact I had was very significant as she answered my concerns. She supported me in everything in a way that made me trust her.”

- University learner
"I was treated very well by the people who communicated with me at the beginning. The contact I had was very significant as she answered my concerns. She supported me in everything in a way that made me trust her.”

- University learner

Learner Support

To support learners throughout their enrollment and academic journey, AVENU takes a tailored, student-centered approach. Each learner is matched with an enrollment specialist to ensure a coherent approach from inquiry and application to acceptance and matriculation

 As our dedicated teams support each prospective and enrolled student, they adhere to defined strategies and policies to reach, engage and accompany students via preferred communication channels, including phone, text and email. To meet agreed-upon quality assurance standards, each student communication follows program-specific guidelines and is monitored and recorded for quality assurance.

“I also very much like that my diploma could be recognized under The Hague Convention. This is fantastic to me because it means I can practice my profession in other countries. These gave me the security and confidence to begin my education with you.”

 - University learner

Faculty Recruitment, Hiring and Management

In close partnership with a university or educational provider, AVENU’s Academic Services Team leads faculty recruiting and management following institutional standards and criteria. Our teams prepare programs and course materials according to the institution’s ethos and accreditation parameters.

AVENU provides ongoing faculty support, including professional development and training based on extensive experience in online teaching, student engagement and cultural settings. Each member of the AVENU team brings deep knowledge of e-learning technologies and pedagogy and stays committed through the partnership to ensure all online offerings meet the highest quality standards.

"The support I get from the academic team is exceptional. They are always available to listen to suggestions, solve problems and share ideas."

- Dr. Samantha Rullán, Professor of Law and Ethics, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
"Teaching for AVENU's partners is a rich pluralistic experience coupled with my interest in shared learning. It is a challenge, an enjoyment, and a privilege at the same time."

- Dr. Mercedes Cancelo, Professor of Communication, Málaga, Spain

Partner and AVENU Roles

Based on agreed-upon goals, AVENU and each university partner delineate clear roles and responsibilities for each step in the program-building process. AVENU believes candor and clarity are essential to creating partnerships that meet challenges, innovate solutions and achieve shared goals with a healthy flow of information.

AVENU is committed to serving our partners by collaborating at all levels and across geographies with honest, respectful and transparent communication and processes. Together, our teams:

Prioritize activities
Create and share detailed project plans
Hold weekly check-in work sessions
Adjust cadence to the need as we progress toward and through program launch

AVENU partners with operations teams, including admissions, registrar, bursar, technology and administration offices, to design and implement online learning experiences that result in faster response times, accurate communications, and seamless enrollment and retention processes. AVENU prepares a partner’s systems and technology for online enrollment growth by integrating critical data points to ensure a secure and efficient data exchange.

“I wanted a program that was easily accessible from anywhere in the world, that is, classes just a click away. Although I'm just getting started, I am already dreaming of graduation day at Saint Leo University in the United States and of being able to say: ‘I'm already a psychologist!’"

- University learner