Bringing Universities to Learners, Globally

AVENU Learning supports institutional missions, extends brands and creates new revenue streams.

AVENU - Global

Founded to expand global access to quality education

While quality education may now be globally available, it's not always accessible. Barriers of location, price, language and cultural relevance can impede student learning.

While technology breakthroughs have created new opportunities in higher education over the last 20 years, these innovations still require learners to study in the culture of an institution and its language of instruction. AVENU's partnership model is a direct response to addressing these challenges.

Single Partner for Global Growth

Universities and other educational providers seeking to expand their student base and reach new markets face an extraordinarily complex global marketplace with wide-ranging regulatory and delivery challenges. AVENU Learning takes our partners into these markets safely and credibly.

We address each step in the program delivery process with real-world expertise and a deep bench of in-country staff and teams. Our services are holistic to ensure curriculum, program goals, academic quality and brand integrity are maintained across all aspects of program development and delivery.

AVENU - Global
AVENU - Global

Learner & Institution Impact

AVENU creates opportunities for universities and educational providers to reach new student segments — and provides students with a localized, affordable way to access education that can transform lives.